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Zirconia | Dentech

DentechDentech Ceramic Studio


Zirconia is steadily becoming the preferred choice for dental restorations. Clinically proven to be a reliable metal free alternative to traditional PFM crowns, zirconia offers several key features that are beneficial to both doctor and patient:


  • Precise margin fit
  • Patient bio-compatibility
  • Strength comparable to alloys
  • Clinically proven durability
  • Excellent opalescence and florescence
  • Natural appearance
  • Single or bridge restoration
  • Sub frame coping only or full cast

Dentech Ceramic Studio technicians have tested a wide range of zirconia. Zirconium dioxide powder is processed to produce zirconia blocks used in the milling of copings and crowns. The actual strength and quality of a zirconia block, even if dimensionally the same, will vary greatly depending on MPa (Megapascal – metric measurement unit of pressure) specification, which will directly influence the limits of a finished coping or crown. Our laboratory uses and recommends the following zirconia based systems:



Lava™ 3M ESPE